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    X-ray Machine
    XY series Controller


    For this model of controller, we applies with micro-computer for controlling, and installs with KV preset, automatic aging, failure self-checking, timing&untime setting(the range of fixed time is 1-98 minutes), running status displaying, safety interlock, protect functions for whole system.
    In this type of control unit also includes controlling for all running of mechanical transmission system and three changeable controlling of radiography system, optical shutter doors controlling.

    Real time radiography system:

    6inches image intensifier:

    Input image dimension:150mm
    Output image dimension:20mm
    Center limited resolution:54lp/cm

    CCD camera system:

    Configuration: parallel light lens, changeable lens, CCD camera, power supply, transmission cable
    Analog CCD camera:
    Pixel: 752582
    Current: +12V
    Transmission cable: 60m
    Dynamic range: 8bit
    Digital CCD camera:
    Pixel: 10241024
    Current: +12V
    Transmission cable: 15m
    Dynamic range: 10-12bit


    14monitor: 1000line
    17monitor: 1000line
    Computer image processing system:
    Industrial controlling computer(brand unit)
    Image collect board
    Expend USB interface
    Laser printer
    Image processing software
    Disc-driving machine

    For hardware configuration, we applies with newest devices in the market, and except three months guarantee for disc-driving machine, for other parts we provides one year guarantee.
    Technical targets:
    Standard PAL,NTSC black-white vedio signal inputting;
    Collect speed: 25frame/s for PAL; 30frame/s for NTSC
    Max resolution of image collection: PAL---768576;NTSC---640480;
    Software such as lightness, contrast ratio can be adjust continuously;
    Statistic sensitivity2%, dynamic sensitivity4%.

    Image processing software functions:
    Image processing center: lightness, contrast ratio adjustable, high sensitivity, low noise images.
    Image real time collection: operator can view inspection results on screen directly.
    Image saving: can save the acquired images in a disc for future checking.
    Image superimposition: mutilframes superimposition and noise-reduction.
    Image zooming: can do enlarging and reduction of collected images.
    Image processing: in statistic inspection, system have typical functions such as noise-reduction, image intensifing, fake color, negative image, failure dimensions measuring, image saving and checking, form printing and so on; in dynamic system, it carries out some advantages like real time negative image, real time fake color, real time sharp, dynamic real time saving and repeat funtions, it not only have high statistic sensitivity, dynamic intelligentable, convenient operation, but also has chinese interface, and for menu, it applies with dropdown and quickie mode which is much more easy for using.


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