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    X-ray Machine
      Liaodong Radioactive Instrument Company is a leading enterprise who professionally designs & manufactures X-ray crystal instrument in radiation equipment industry and X-ray machine with excellent technician team and abundant equipment staff. It have standard testing device and advanced producing arts.
      Products such as portable X-ray machine, X-ray crystal orientation instrument, X-ray crystal analyzer designed & produced by Liaodong Radioactive company all have outstanding scientific and innovation characteristic, it is a kind of earliest domestic X-ray equipment. Liaodong Radioactive Company is a professional company which integrates scientific researching and producing into one body. The single crystal grinding machine tool orientation equipment is designed & manufactured by Liaodong Radioactive Company, Beijing nonferrous metal researching institution, China semiconductor center and Beijing jinglianfa digital control technique Company together. This product filled up domestic space, highly improved precision, reliability & producing efficiency of orientation. The line cutting professional orientation calculation & stick system which developed by Liaodong Radioactive Company has solved processing difficulty of big single crystal silicon and also got good feedback from customer.
      During so long time, Liaodong Radioactive Company is proficient of developing and researching of radiation devices. With scientific management, technical innovation and excellent fame of company, our products not only famous in domestic market, but also exports to countries such as South Korea, Japan, India, Taiwan and so on, it has got quality confirmation of international researching institute and enterprises, in the mean time, Liaodong Radioactive Company sincerely hope can cooperate with all researching institute for developing of radiation equipments. With high efficient innovation and honest spirit principle, we are trying to do better and stronger.
    Copyright:Liaodong radioactive instrument co,.ltd.